Friday, January 15, 2016

Southern views #3: The Anti-Mall

On the last day of my visit to Orlando my sister took me to an oasis of hope and I am ever so grateful! This place is called Artegon and it is located inside a mall that fell into disuse so instead of leaving it to fall apart the owners and the city agreed to make it into a space for artisan vendors to set up shops. The results are awesome! There are a lot of sweet little shops selling soap and local honey and vintage clothes etcetera but my favorite store at the anti-mall is a little shop that’s specializes in bonsai trees, terrariums, and planters. I also like the ropes course in the middle of the atrium and I love that dogs are allowed in the anti-mall. A very cool initiative in a world filled with big box stores selling sameness (ugh). 
These art pieces were made by a local artist name Skip.

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