Monday, December 7, 2015

Neat list-December

                                      I took these photos at a Day of the Dead celebration 
I attended here in Providence RI Nov 2015
I recently saw THIS sweet short student film celebrating Dia de los Muertos

I've been thinking a lot about the current Paris climate talks and the ways in which climate change is threatening ALL of us. These features were specially moving: 1. The Marshall Islands are Disappearing 2. Facing Rising Waters, a Native Tribe Takes Its Plea to Paris Climate Talks 3. Rising Sea Levels Threaten Tiny Islands Home Indigenous Panamanians

I was heartened after seeing Brandalism's Campaing HERE AND HERE

THIS commencement speech by John Waters made me so happy!! (I, too, belong to Waters' tribe of "filth elders")

And then, Nina Simone! Need I say more?!

This list from the Ace Hotel Blog :)

Check out Down the Stream about the "hopes and dream of children growing up in boats in Vietnam's Mekong Delta"

Leo Babauta on "The Joy of letting go of stress"

My friend Julia turned me on Nneka's Book of Job  

I've been following stories on teaching grit and found this awesome report about the Menominee Nation 

Finally, we were enthralled looking at THIS performance by Das Triadische Ballet :)

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