Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fried tofu & green bean summer salad

I am sucker for fried tofu! That's the truth. I've been making this tasty salad to bring to all the summer bbq/potlucks we get invited to and it goes so quickly, that I never get to bring any left overs back home. Hey, since I am vegetarian I have to bring a filling dish in case there are no veggie dogs or burgers on the grill! I make this with extra-firm tofu, fresh green beans, and a fresh carrot. I first cut the tofu into squares and put them to dry on paper towels. I heat up olive oil and put the tofu to fry until it is crispy on all sides. Once the tofu is fried, I toss it into a salad bowl. I use the olive oil with which I fried the tofu to make a tasty sauce. Add sriracha sauce, soy sauce, chili garlic sauce freshly mashed garlic (3 cloves) to the olive oil. I add this sauce to the tofu. I steam fresh green beans and a shredded carrot and I also add this to the tofu. You can add more soy sauce, sriracha and/or chili garlic sauce to adjust the taste and some garlic powder to give it an extra-garlicky kick (there is no need to add salt since the soy sauce is salty). A variation on this salad is to add fresh ginger to it. This salad is tasty at room temperature or cold and it is so so so good!!!

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