Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cleaning without chemicals! (just in time for spring cleaning)

I've always known that when it comes to cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals my sister Rosa is simply a genius!  Over the years, she has helped me to get rid of nasty and toxic cleaning detergents by suggesting gentler alternatives. Well, this time she has really outdone herself. Take a look for yourself.

Exhibit A: Soap scum/film on glass shower door.
Exhibit B: Cut a lime in half and rub it on the glass door as if it were a sponge (as Rosa explains it" "the acid in the lemon will simply eat away at the scum on glass surfaces").
Exhibit C: When you are done, simply rise the glass with clean water and voila!

This is not only a gentler alternative, it is also easier on the wallet. Beside being a cleanliness guru, Rosa is also an avid gardener (who just happens to live in gardening zone 9b), so all she has to do is get her cleaning supplies (and her food) from her backyard! Below is a recent sampling of the beautiful bounty from her garden (in February! Meanwhile, those of us under all the snow still covering the ground here in zone 6a are pining for Spring).

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