Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pour Une Âme Souveraine

The other night I went to see jazz pianist Jason Moran. He was wonderful! Then he mentioned his recent collaboration with Meshell Ndegeocello and I started wondering why I don't hear as much about Ndegeocello as I'd like to. And so I did a search to see what that great musician-artist-singer is up to and to my delight Ndegeocello's album, an homage to Nina Simone, was just released! It just so happens that Nina Simone, that "sovereign soul," is one of my favorite female musicians/singers. I adore Nina Simone's work! I also love Ndegeocello's music! I am thrilled at this pairing, as I think there is no one more fitting in the American music scene right now to work with/on Simone's deep and brave music.

Here is "Four Women" one of my favorite Nina Simone's songs:
And below is Meshell Ndegeocello performing another one of my favorite Nina Simone's tracks: "See Line Woman." 
I hope to catch Ndgeocello in concert before long, I don't want to miss her like I did Nina Simone. And I agree with Meshell that Simone is "royalty," the queen of queens!


  1. I love Nina Simone I ain't got no...

  2. Thanks for sharing these links Hilda~ que cajones these ladies do share :)
    Meshell live is pretty amazing.