Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mint Tea, Minty Cocktail too

I bought a small mint plant at the beginning of summer and of course, as mint does, it has developed into a happy, thriving monster. Because I have a finicky stomach, I rely on mint tea a great deal to keep me well. And so this post is dedicated to the wonderful herb that makes not only soothing tea, but also delicious cocktails as well. Here I share my simple home-brewed mint iced-tea recipe and also a twist on the classic mojito: spiced minty ginger lemon cocktail. First, fresh mint iced-tea: get mint leaves (lots of them), place them in (at least 4-cups) boiling hot water, boil for 5 minutes, turn heat off, cover and let it rest for at least 1-hour, then drain leaves using a colander, let mint tea cool off completely. When tea is totally cool, add honey or brown sugar, and place it in the fridge to cool overnight. For a refreshing drink add ice. 

Pictured here is a just-brewed blend of mint leaves and chamomile bags ready to be refrigerated over night.

Now for the cocktail: place ice in a cocktail glass, put one shot of gold or dark rum such as Barrilito, Barcadi or Brugal (another? your choice), then add 1/3 cup of ginger lemon sparkling water (such as Ayala's or another brand), fill the rest with fresh brewed mint iced-tea (add honey or brown sugar) and stir. This will surely quench your thirst while giving you a little buzz too. Perfect for the hot days of summer (and/or for the stormy days of summer too, like ones we have been having in New England lately).

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