Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tomatoes & evolution of the garden

Apparently, I have one precocious tomato plant! And no, I am not complaining (LOL!). These are my first tomatoes of the season. 
To me, it is still a wonder how plants go from a tiny seed, to beautiful, robust beings that produce flowers and delicious fruits. Gardening has taught me to have faith (that a plant will grow) and patience. Gardening is truly a beautiful thing. I am grateful everyday to be able to nurture these other beings! I come from a long line of cooks (my mom and dad, and other family members), and gardeners (my grandparents, mom, dad, sister, brother, uncle). I now fully and completely understand the pleasure they all derive from this wonderful activity. And so here are photos of my ever evolving garden (I planted all these plants, either from seeds or babies), and I am celebrating my garden's first full season! You can find earlier photos of the garden here, here, and here.
  My friend Wanda says these (gomphrena) flowers are quite Dr. Seussian (and I agree).

And finally, the rock garden Khalil and I have been working on...(a work in progress).


  1. Great pictures! The rock garden is adorable. Yes, your mom is a great cook. Have you learned how to make escabeche de guineo, minus the mollejas of course?!

    1. Thanks J! Ooo, I LOVE 'guineos en escabeche... yes, I can make that and I will soon !! I made 'yuca en escabeche' the other day and it SO GOOD too!!

  2. De revista el jardín!

  3. esta todo muy bonito.. te quiero mucho!!!