Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Carlos' Brew: Homebrewing IPA

It all started with Christmas and a gift! An "everyday IPA" brewing kit. The outcome was an awesome, thick, and tasty IPA. It took Carlos about 6 hours on a Sunday afternoon, working like a mad chemist in our kitchen (boiling the grains, mashing, pitching the yeast in the wort, and adding hops), then about 1 month of fermenting in our dark, cool basement. Then the bottling, and finally about 2 more weeks of waiting (for the bottled beer to carbonate) before we could savor the IPA. It was a sure winner, but it seems we drank them too quickly and now we are craving a fresh, new batch! We found a wonderful brew shop near our house and now have "brewing fever." Already we have the raw materials for the next tasty batch!

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