Monday, July 17, 2017

For you, who admires invisible nameless people but only through the back channels.

Untitled #071717

I know I am invisible.
I have no name to my name.
I have nothing of value.

You do not admire me.

You only admire those worthy of your admiration

You only admire those whose name is a worthy name.

I reckon that my invisibility is what allows you to take from me.

Yes, you take from me.

You take from an invisible woman.

You take.

Love. Support. Kindness. Ideas. Words and phrases. Images. Energy.

You are self-centered. Narcissistic even. Thinking you are inventing the world, making it anew. 

I suppose this is how those with the valuable names are made. They take from the invisible and then act as if they are making the world anew. They say things like “I am original. I am a trailblazer. I am endowed with the power to make the invisible visible. I can give that to you. But you can only worship me. Let it be known in public that I am your only maker.”


You only publicly acknowledge those with a valuable name.

I understand.

You would not want the world to know that you admire an invisible woman.

“Who? I don’t know her. And, if I don’t know her then she is not worthy because I know all who are worthy. And she is invisible.”

And, having to reply, “but I know her. She is invisible in your world. But I see her. She is a source of inspiration. She is a doer. She is a giver of life.”

That would be a crazy thing to do.

No one admires invisibility.

Everyone knows that.

Unless, that is, YOU are willing to be called crazy.