Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tokyo Street Art, Jan17'

Tokyo is an exceedingly clean city, the cleanest city I've ever seen, and yet, street art (seems to) co-exist 'quietly' with/in such a spotless environment. Most of the stickers I found were concentrated in "grungy" alleyways (note: Tokyo's grunginess is relative). I have a feeling that in Tokyo the visual field made up by signage-- which is layered and stacked one upon another in a dizzying arrangement-- is thought of as a different space than the surfaces of the streets themselves. Given this, it also seems to me that sticker art is not categorized (strictly) as "garbage" on the walls (in the way that gum stuck to the streets is-- and which is promptly removed). 


All photos taken by H. Lloréns, 2017.

P.S. I am not only an admirer of street art (particularly of stickers and stencils)-- I am a sometimes maker too. See below. :)