Tuesday, November 25, 2014

7x7 picture project

This is my new and humble adventure... 7x7 means that I will post 7 photos every 7 days. They are meant to capture the spirit of the week-each week. I am doing it for many reasons, main among them, is that memory is such a fragile thing. And honestly, days pass in a blur with little reminder of what went on. 7x7 is my way of re-membering, documenting, and a self-reminder to continue practicing photo-taking and framing. And yes, it is a sort of ethnography of every-day life... or more accurately, of the things (objects) and scenes that make up everyday life. 


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Recent Favorites, Early Fall 14'

* Recently, I read [and now recommend] THIS book and THIS one too! (THIS one is on
 my Christmas wish list)

 *City of Samba

 * Bothy Project (really want to spend time there!)

  * Cluck (around my hood) and this Farm/House in Little Compton (one of Rhody's coolest secret beach towns...shhhh)

* What's your fitness age? (In NYTimes)

* Khalil and I want to join THIS woman's team!

* I've been watching ART21 on PBS and loved THIS episode and THIS one, and enjoyed learning about THIS artist (all of the ART21 videos are great!)

* LOVED watching The Motorcycle Diaries again. 

* Rise and Shine 

* Garden envy!

* I will be making Farmhouse Apple Cake for thanksgiving (stay tuned!)