Saturday, March 22, 2014

Simply delicious kale salad

This simple and delicious salad takes fresh kale to a new level! I learned this recipe from my friend Anne, who learned it from her friends in Portland or Seattle (can't remember which). As Anne explained, "all you have to do is massage the kale," so as to break it down and soften it. After you have sufficiently massaged the kale, you can add a simple warm olive oil dressing. To make it: warm up the olive oil in a small pan (but don't let it boil), and add a few freshly crushed garlic cloves (let this mix come together for a few minutes), you can strain the crushed garlic or leave it in, then pour the warm olive oil and garlic over the kale and add salt to taste. This is a wonderfully nourishing food.  

Addendum: I made this salad again but this time I added 100% sesame seed oil (I warmed it), I also added black sesame seeds, and a bit of soy sauce (to break up the density of the sesame oil). It tasted a lot like seaweed salad. It was glorious!


  1. love the colors, looks yummy and makes urn for summer.

  2. Thanks W! I am now dreaming of making this salad but adding instead sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds : )