Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1966 Zenith Television: Vintage Technology

The other morning I came across this vintage television and I was immediately fascinated both by its mod (yet ornate) design, and also because it appeared to be in excellent condition. I had picked up a little mod side table from this same house (from the same curb on garbage day) some months ago. And on this (garbage day) morning there it was: an amazing vintage (1966) Zenith television. Those who know me know that I love all things mod, including mid-century technology (the glorious heyday of early techno-design). Since I can't take home all the cool things I spot on the side walks throughout the city on garbage day, I decided to take these pics to share here. I also found this site; it belongs to a man whose hobby it is collecting and repairing vintage tvs (and he offers some interesting history as well). I bet he would have liked to get his hands on this one!

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