Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year’s Day Cocktail or Ginger Dreams

This is a story about Ginger—that magical root with too many healing qualities to count. Its spicy fragrance announces that it is potent and delicious. I have long been a fan of fresh pressed ginger, carrot and orange juice—that delightful combination is an immune system booster, as well as a delicious vitamin C cocktail. I turn to ginger throughout the winter as a way to prevent colds, aid digestion, and simply to warm my tummy. Ginger is certainly a warming “hot” spice. 
Color plate from Köhler's Medicinal Plants

I received a bottle of bourbon as a New Year’s gift and decided to try mixing it with fresh lime juice, brown sugar, soda water, and fresh, crushed ginger (and a bit of ginger powder for an added kick), I mixed these together in a glass with ice and it was exactly what I was craving – a bubbly, gingery-lime bourbon cocktail. The best part: it tasted like a cold fighting, immune boosting, mood-enhancing tonic of happiness. Cheers!

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