Thursday, December 15, 2011

Late fall fun by the sea

On a recently unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon (and I am really talking unseasonably warm--70 degrees in late November in New England!?!), we set out for a hike in one of our favorite spots. It is a rocky beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean -- this place is like a Japanese rock garden by the sea.

Before we headed out, I made a pot of vegetable and brown rice soup because I knew we would very hungry upon our return. This is your classic "throw in the pot every vegetable you have in your fridge" kind of soup, add garlic, salt and a few flakes of red pepper, let it simmer and enjoy!  (it always tastes better the second day)

I am obsessed with rock gardens. I am even more obsessed with rock sculptures. So I made this small sculpture at the beach in homage to the beautiful day.

We amused ourselves by looking at the rocks, trying to find heart shaped rocks to bring home to our garden.  

We walked the trail that leads to a sandy beach. 

 We we got back home we noticed the crocus I planted in October were blooming!

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