Sunday, October 30, 2011

Plum tart, 2007

I spent fall 2007, living in Burlington with with my good friend and talented artist/designer, Malgosia. At the time her lovely house was in the middle of a major renovation (most of which she was doing herself). I learned to, among other things, stain wood floors, caulk and plaster.

Here is what the house looks like now 2011 (here the garden is in early spring stage). 

In Vermont food is amazing! And having access to fresh, quality foods makes cooking (and eating) a real pleasure. Malgosia is an accomplished baker and I have long been a fan of her fruit tarts so on this snowy day she decided it was time I learned how to make it. So we walked to the food co-op and picked up some fresh plums and almonds (we had unsalted butter, vanilla, brown sugar, and wheat flour at home). The picture above (of the plum tart) illustrates the result. I did not document the step by step preparation process that you will get with most of the dishes I cook up, photograph and post here, but I am sure you can see that it was delicious. I promise to make a tart  and share with you the entire process!

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